Hewlett Packard Q3 Earnings Release (NYSE:HPE)

On September 5, 2017, Hewlett Packard Q3 earnings will be released. In this article, we outline what shareholders should expect from Hewlett Packard’s (NYSE: HPE) third-quarter report. Also, be sure to check back for an update and the live earnings conference call.

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According to NASDAQ, consensus estimates for Hewlett Packard’s Q3 EPS equate to $.26 (26 cents). For the same quarter last year, HPE reported EPS of $.49 (49 cents). In intraday trading, shares of Hewlett Packard Enterprise are down roughly 3% as investors await the third quarter earnings release. Interestingly, HPE stock dropped nearly 21% in the previous trading session.

HPE Q3 Earnings Update:

Adjusted EPS: $.30 (30 cents)

Revenue: $8.21 Billion

Full Year Guidance: $1.36-1.40 EPS (26-36 cents for Q4 EPS)

Items in Hewlett Packard Q3 Earnings

Seemingly, Hewlett Packard’s most recent price drop was in response to the company’s spinoff of its software segment. HPE completed this spinoff and the new entity merged with MicroFocus International. In return, Hewlett Packard received $8.8 billion in cash. Notably, this spinoff finalized HPE’s loss on its acquisition of Autonomy.

In 2011, Hewlett Packard acquired Autonomy for $11 billion. Unfortunately, it was a terrible deal and it cost HPE shareholders billions of dollars. Certainly, investors are expecting to hear about this recently completed spinoff-merger in today’s conference call.

Another important item in the Hewlett Packard Q3 earnings release is management’s full-year guidance. HPE stated it would give adjusted guidance for FY17 in the third quarter earnings call. Based on how the stock is trading prior to earnings, the market is expecting lowered guidance.

HPE Going Forward

The primary cause of concern for investors is the bearish technical setup of HPE stock. With regards to a long-term value investment, it seems investors should wait for Hewlett Packard’s earnings volatility to stabilize. Of course, HPE stock trades at a conservative price-to-earnings ratio. However, this may very well be a value trap since the company is experiencing continual disruptions to its business.

Furthermore, a future contraction in the overall market could bode poorly for HPE shareholders. Therefore, many investors and retail traders are likely waiting for a market confirmation signal for a long-term value play on HPE stock. Preservation of capital through risk management is always of paramount importance for stocks with such weakness in technical support.

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