Resources About Top Staff in Trump Administration

Current Situation of Trump Administration

Now that the first month of the Trump Administration is complete, its actions have not only shaped the financial markets but have taken a hammer to the geopolitical landscape. With this administration comes a number of new faces in the White House that are unfamiliar to both the Beltway and the public at large. These fresh political and economic operatives are looking to drive the administration’s mission forward and cultivate a growing populist movement.

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Three Primary Political Operatives

Steve Bannon & Stephen Miller

The most prominent of these new operatives Steve Bannon (White House Chief Strategist) and Stephen Miller (Senior Adviser) and these two staff members are exceedingly close to the president himself. Both men have brought upon a new form of conservatism that is deeply rooted in the populist movement which Trump rode to the presidency. The two stalwarts have gained Trump’s ear and have even written many of his campaign speeches along with his Inauguration Address. These two are not only shaping policy but are bulwarks in supporting Trump internally and throughout many media outlets.

Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro (Director of the National Trade Council) is another figure who has taken the reigns in crafting Trump’s vision of trade policy. A former professor at the University of California Irvine, Navarro has recently initiated a tough stance in regards to China. In his writings, he has gone as far to say the Chinese should be slapped with the “currency manipulator” label and has even accused it of “carving out” the American manufacturing base and placing it in China.

Resources to Learn More

All three men will continue to push the messages and actions of the Trump administration forward. To keep our blog readers informed about how each will affect both financial markets and the geopolitical landscape, we have compiled a list of a number of books and films along with affiliate and non-affiliate links to each. The following should help with garnering clues about the Trump administration’s tactics and how it will shape America throughout the rest of the first one hundred days.

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