The Intelligent Investor

By: Benjamin Graham


This book is a must-read for all investors. In The Intelligent Investor, Graham delves into the psychology of financial markets. He makes a strong case for using fundamental analysis when looking at potential investments. Readers will finish this book with a much better understanding of investing, economics, and human behavior. The Intelligent Investor is often regarded as one of the best financial books ever written. Graham goes into extensive detail and uses real-world examples to make his case.

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We rate this book 5/5.

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About Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham, for those of you not familiar with Wall Street history, was Warren Buffett’s teacher, mentor, employer, and friend. He taught Warren the majority of what led to Warren’s success in life.

Graham managed an investment firm during the era of the Great Depression, and the chaos of that time period had a profound impact on his investment strategy. Wall Street, at the time, would recommend buying or selling stocks based on the stock’s recent performance. Graham, in his first book (to be reviewed at a later date), developed a quantitative approach to investing. He called it fundamental analysis. True value investors use Graham’s approach to make investment decisions. It is worth noting that a handful of his students went on to make billions of dollars.

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